Like Cats and Dogs (2017) Review

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After a rather long break, I thought it would be appropriate to come back with a new recommendation in the “romantic comedy” category. Today’s Recommendation: Like Cats and Dogs (2017), a hallmark of the Hallmark film, which we discovered from pure randomness. But you will love him very much. I’m absolutely sure of that.

Passing through the predictable end and some cliches, this story is perfect to end any day of the week. If you get bored and you are looking for a good romantic movie, Like Cats and Dogs is a great choice. You will not be sorry.Like Cats and Dogs (2017)

The story: Spencer (Wyatt Nash) and Lara (Cassidy Gifford) have the surprise of their lives when they learn that their perfect vacation is being destroyed by a small detail: they both have to share the dream location they thought they would be alone. That everything is perfect, the two are extremely different and they do not understand at all. Even their pets (dog vs. cat) do not seem to have an easier life.

Will the two succeed in getting to an end? How will their holiday take place? You are alone …

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