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SUICIDE SQUAD Movie Review / May 2017 – Just my opinion

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At one time in the slogan “Suicide Team,” the character Will Smith complains that he and a team of objects do not have to fight red garbage in the sky. “It’s a pretty good description of the movie as a whole: it’s massive, messy and noisy, and it smells.

In the ongoing effort to create a series of interconnected movies based on DC Comics – similar to the well-known Univers Marvel Cinematic – “Suicide Team” is as unpleasant as this year’s “Batman / Superman: Dawn of Justice” completely different. As a result of the misfortunes of a group of super-villains who are forced to work together to defeat a powerful enemy, the “Suicide Team” tries to be fun or at least trying to find the mixture of boldness and brazenness that made “Deadpool” “Guardians of the galaxy,” like twisted delights. With some rare exceptions, humorous attempts in the Suicide Team come in bad luck – that is, if you hear such a sound on the destruction of fire and a bombastic score.

Writer / director David Ayer has created a movie that is both subscribed and overwhelmed. There are too many very few characters who even approach the resemblance to real human beings. Ayer brought intimate and visceral intensity to previous films such as “End of Watch” and “Fury,” as well as the sale of scenarios for “Day Training” and the original “The Fast and the Furious”. Making a big, comic-inspired summer blockbuster, swallowed it.

Ayer and his enormous team gave us a movie that was muddled both visually and narrated. Often, it is hard to tell what happens because so many of the giant pieces of action take place in the dark, in the rain or in the darkness of the rain. But more fundamental from the perspective of a story, the “Suicide Team” is powerless both in rhythm and in terms of cohesion. He will stop for a retrospective or allow the characters to go to a bar to understand how terrible their lives are when the world should be at the edge of extermination.

We did not even manage to use musical selections on the nose to introduce each character: “The Sunrise House” when we first see Smith in a Louisiana prison as an expert marker Deadshot; Overwhelmingly overwhelmed “The Sympathy for the Devil” for the subtle figure of Viola Davis’s government, which gives this group of criminals together; “You can not handle,” for Harley Quinn, the unpredictable base of Margot Robbie; “Happy son” (ironically) to the monstrous Killer Croc (Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, unrecognized under pounds of prosthesis and makeup). Every song inspires a jewel and takes you instantly into action. Suicide-Squad-poster-cover

This only scratches the gigantic surface of evil and government. At the beginning of the film, after the BvS events, “Davis” Amanda Waller gets the idea of ​​taking the worst of the worst offenders out of prison and giving them the chance to reduce their sentences. Instead, they have to help the federalists fight their more traitorous enemies. Their first mission is to take an apparently insurmountable supernatural figure: Cara Delevingne as an old Enchantress who can travel and zip through space and manipulate metal and all sorts of impressive and dangerous skills. The Enchantress took over the body of the archeologist Dr. June Moone, who faced her soldier (she did not get the special effects for herself at the height of her powers, the threat she creates with hilarity), Rick Flag (Joel Kinnaman) By the suicide team.

In addition to Deadshot, Harley Quinn and Killer Croc, he is a diablo to Jay Hernandez, who was cursed by the ability to create fire; Karen Fukuhara as the Katana mask, who died with the samurai sword who is haunted by her husband’s dead spirit; Jai Courtney as Boomerang, Aussie Baddie care is … something with a boomerang; And Slipknot, Adam Beach, who’s facing … something else.

Oh! I totally forgot about the Joker. That’s because he’s just in the suicide team, despite being very involved. He sang Jared Leto with the green hair, the maniac smile and the mischievous tendencies they know in the various incarnations of the villains. But he is more giggle and flourishing than he truly feels and has gone through such a long period of time that he does not record too much the film as a whole.

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